Grammar Slammer

19 Jun

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The grammar lesson we had in class on Wednesday was a mere reminder that I have a lot of studying to do in order to prepare for the grammar exam. Unfortunately, a few of the things we went over in the grammar lesson have vacated itself from my memory in my transition from high school to college. On the other hand, I did remember many of the basic grammar rules so luckily I wasn’t too lost. In high school, I  used “this sounds right” or “this doesn’t sound right” as my so-called “grammar rules,” but that’s obviously not going to work in college.

In the grammar lesson, we touched on our knowledge about the different types of verbs, such as: being, transitive and action. These are the basic things that I am fairly familiar with. Apart from that, some of the things I forgot about were clauses, and other complex grammar rules. Additionally, I never new a simple sentence such as “I am a woman.” could contain such complex terms like “predicate nominative,” which I had never even heard of until Wednesday. Fortunately, my memory was refreshed on some of these many grammar rules after going over the numerous examples.

We can all agree that grammar is not the most fun subject, but it is the most necessary. All in all, I thought the grammar lesson was extremely helpful.


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