Miami: A Melting Pot?

1 Jun

Growing up and living in Miami for nineteen years I’ve seen different ethnicities of people, heard unfamiliar languages, and experienced different cultural customs. In my opinion, these are the things that make Miami, Miami; A flavor-filled city that is like none other. I believe that these differences are also what attract so many outsiders to our wonderful city.

This uniqueness of Miami is what makes Miami a melting pot, in which defines as “a country, locality, or situation in which a blending of races, or cultures is taking place.” I would have to say there is definitely a blending of cultures taking place in Miami. For example, I attended a high school where the majority of the students were hispanic and as a result, many of there cultural customs, such as cheek-to-cheek kisses when you are greeting someone have became apart of me, as well. Although I am African-American and this greeting isn’t apart of my own culture, I often find myself unconsciously acknowledging someone in that manner. This is a case in point that there is some sort of cultural blending taking place in Miami. Face it, this city is filled with differences that are constantly blending every day and it is such a beautiful thing.


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