HIV/AIDS Coverage

18 May

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The HIV/AIDS  epidemic is effecting more people in society than we think. In fact, it hits very close to home. Miami, FL ranks high in AIDS cases and at one time, had the highest infection rates. In the documentary Lessons from South Africa, we learned about the awareness that has being created around HIV/AIDS and saw how the media covers HIV/AIDS in South Africa and South Florida.

I found that this documentary was extremely informative, positive, and enlightening. It opened my eyes on this serious disease that is effecting the world and my own community. While watching this documentary, I found it intriguing that the people of South Africa were extremely involved with awareness approaches on this devastating disease.

Sadly, there is not enough media coverage about HIV/AIDS. Although in South Africa they used techniques such as radio and talk shows to get awareness out there and educate it’s people, there was still a lack of coverage from news media outlets. However, I believe they are doing a better job with awareness and media coverage than South Florida. It seems that the media in South Florida chooses not to look at this as a problem, even though it is affecting our community tremendously.

For one thing, I am grateful for this documentary, because it brings awareness about HIV/AIDS in a informative and newsworthy way.


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