The Media’s impact on McCarthyism and the Civil Rights Movement

14 May

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Joe McCarthy, who the term “McCarthyism” was coined after, was a Senator in the 1950’s, known for his anti-communist movement. McCarthy claimed that there were communist working for the US government. With this so-called “communist witch-hunt”, McCarthy helped Republicans gain office for the first time in twenty-years. McCarthy worked to expose the government and find the truth. The media created this term “mccarthyism” which the dictionary defines as “the practice of making unfair allegations.” Unbiased stories written to attack the democratic party proves that this was indeed advocacy journalism, because it promoted a cause from a subjective viewpoint.

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In chapter 11, we read about Civil Rights movement and the media. That too, is an example of advocacy journalism. During the 1950’s, although slavery had been outlawed, there was still many racists in the south that came up with a good deal of ways to keep blacks in America oppressed. The media and television covered stories from a subjective viewpoint on the oppressed blacks of the south, which were only meant to wake America up and show them what was really going on in the south.


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