Sam Adams: Objective Journalist or Blogger?

11 May

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Before answering the question, was Samuel Adams an objective journalist or blogger, we must first know the definition of each. An objective journalist is one who seeks and reports the truth unbiasedly, as well as abiding by certain codes of ethics. A blogger, on the other hand, sometimes exaggerate stories, have no code of ethics to follow, and are often biased and opinionated. Shortly after reading about Samuel Adams’ Journal of Occurrences, I came to the conclusion that he is in fact, a blogger. For one thing, Sam Adams often placed distasteful labels on the soldiers such as “wretches” and “bloody-backed rascals” and according to the code of ethics, a journalist should “show good taste.” Being that a blogger doesn’t have any code of ethics, labeling someone is accepted, because it is their opinion. In addition to this, the text even states that most of Adams’ accounts were not true, and he that “made use of biased phrasing”, which gives him even less creditability as an objective journalist. Though Adams was informative, he could have opted out of inputting his opinions and chose to reveal both sides of the stories, which would have helped him disclose the occurrences in a more efficient, journalistic way.


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